Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fear & Our Bodies

Our fear can hinder us from being our fullest self.
There are many fears around the body that we get from those close to us, schools, tv, magazines, etc.

Here are a few illusions that can surround your beliefs about your body:
- fear that your body does not support you
- fears that you are not beautiful
- fear that you must look a certain way
- fear that you are not enough
- fear that it is unsafe to be in your body
- fear of your emotions
- fear of your thoughts
- fear that your body is unworthy of love
- fear of trusting your body's wisdom
- fear of death
- fear of being present, being in the now
- fear of being grounded
- fear of our bodies functions (i.e. menses, urinating, etc.)
- fear of being a woman
- fear of being a man

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