Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fear & The Self

Our fear can hinder us from being our fullest self.
We can fear many parts of ourselves

Her are some illusions that can surround the Self:
- fear that we are not enough
- fear that we can not be ourselves
- fear that wanting what we want is wrong
- fear of self-expression
- fear that we are not worthy
- fear that we are not deserving
- fear that we are not valuable
- fear that we alone
- fear of your shadows
- fear that we are not important
- fear that we can not live in the present
- fear of being centered
- fear that you do not deserve to be supported
- giving away you power to outside influences
- fear that you can not trust your intuition or inner guidance
- fear that you are not supported by life
- fear of our feminine self (feelings, intution, receptivity, mother, etc)
- fear of our masculine self (action, assertiveness, giving out, father, etc.)
- self-criticism
- negative self talk
- fear of shame or guilt
- fear of seeing clearly
- fear of not feeling worthy of living
- fear of change
- fear to nourish ourselves
- fear of standing up for ourselves
- fear of death

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