Monday, December 9, 2013

Fear & Life/The Universe/The Divine Source

Our fear can hinder us from being our fullest self.
We can have fears about our source

Here are some illusions that can surround your beliefs about the Source:
- fear that there is not enough
- fear that you are not important enough to be tended to by the universe
- fear that we are not supported by life
- fear that we are all alone
- fear that we must do everything alone
- fear of the unknown
- fear of death
- resistance to the process of life
- fear of letting go
- fear of the new (trying to hold on to the old)
- fear of change
- fear of the loss of control
- fear of being flexible
- fear of being open to life
- fear of the present moment
- fear of the future
- fear of not feeling worthy of living

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